This is just a small amount of Poser Tubes I have created over the years



Well hello there

As you can see my picture above is Empty,

I am finally on my last year of saving my free poser content to USB

The other day it was at 22 thousand free items that I have collected over my 18 years of using  Daz Studio, This is not including my paid Items and things I have tested over the years

I messed up when copping over my runtime and not all were saved, was not happy but nothing I can do

The only thing saved was my base characters, so this means I have no runtimes as of yet, What are they you are thinking well it is all the things I need to use to make my poser tubes

Will take me time but I am in no rush also won't take me too long to find things,

Speaking of things due to me having so many non-Cute and Toon items I am debating about using these up so in other words sexy poser tubes etc but these will have to be on my other blog

 Deb's Digital Designs

My Turioals are not quite finished, This is my next list of things to do

I have been very busy at home with real life and got some health issues to deal with, Oh and my Crafts are another expensive hobby lol

Anyway I have reopened the blog so you can get my free tubes from over the years

Membership Area is on Hold but this MAY come back in the future

The free Poser Section is sorted

Right think that's it, Hope to be back in a bit to start making tubes again that is if anyone wants them




  1. Good to see you back! Sorry for your runtimes loses. I'm working on moving files to new PC too and know what a pain it is. All the best to you💐